WaiQuan Wong
Founder & Principal Consultant

With close to two decades of experience in agency and in-house roles, WaiQuan specialises in strategic client counsel, fostering stakeholder engagements, and developing integrated communication strategies across diverse channels.

Her portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed global and local brands across various industries, including corporate, technology, consumer/FMCG, luxury and consumer beauty, healthcare, education, cable and digital entertainment, telecommunications, and B2B sectors.

Peggy Cheah
Senior Consultant & Operations

Peggy’s expertise lies in effective brand management and execution, believing that a holistic communication strategy centered around real-life experiences drives brand and product awareness. With extensive experience servicing multinational brands in personal care, healthcare, beauty, lifestyle, tourism, and F&B, Peggy has established herself as a seasoned professional.

Her portfolio includes notable campaigns for leading FMCG brands such as Johnson’s Baby, Johnson’s Body Care, and Dutch Lady. She has also worked in-house at Samsung Malaysia Electronics, overseeing the brand’s PR activities and campaign effectiveness across various divisions, including IT and Mobile, display, and consumer and home appliances.